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Frequently asked questions

Are all the proposed parts Husqvarna Original Parts?
All the Husqvarna OEM parts we propose are genuine, original Husqvarna parts. We admire the technical beauty of Husqvarna products and deeply respect intellectual property. Consequently, we are strongly opposed to counterfeiting!

What is the best way to reach you?
The best way to contact us is through e-mail. We read our e-mail each day to ensure perfect customer satisfaction! The person responsible for the customer service is Erik. His e-mail is:

How do you ship the spare parts?
We ship by SeaBourne, but if you have an account number from another courier, we will be happy to send the spare parts on your
account number. Also if you have a UPS account number, it would be the easiest way to ship the parts on your account number.

How is the shipping cost calculated?
Our system computes the shipping cost based on the total order cost and the destination of the parcel. For some countries in Europe we were able to arrange a fixed price for the shipping. We do not make money on the shipping, the contrary is often true, but overseas shipping from the Benelux can be expensive. We ship to any country on the planet.